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Updated: Jan 2, 2022

To hate all roses,

because you were scratched by one thorn.

To give up on your dreams,

because one of them did not come true.

To give up your efforts,

because one of them failed.

To disqualify all of your friends,

because someone betrayed you.

Not believing in love

because someone was unfaithful or did not return your love.

To wasting all of your opportunities for happiness

because you were unsuccessful on your first attempt.

You have lost faith in prayers.

because one was not responded to.

I hope that as you continue your journey,

you do not experience madness.

Constantly remembering...

Another chance may come up

Another friend

A new love

A renewed strength

Be persistent.

Look for happiness in your daily life.

Giving up is a sure way to fail!

Future success is frequently learned through failure.


God Bless You

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